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As well as our regular Spanish classes in DC, we also offer lots of chances for students to practice their Spanish outside the classroom.


If you are dedicated to improving your Spanish and reaching linguistic fluency, then Spanish Tutor DC’s classes  are the best option for you. We have a well-planned and structured curriculum in place, which means that all aspects of the Spanish language are covered in as much detail as you need. Should you wish to further accelerate your learning or get some additional practice, our MeetUp group and seminars are perfect supplements to our regular classes.

Do you want to review or master a specific language point in a structured setting?


For those who want to improve their Spanish in an academic and engaging way, our seminars are an excellent option and a great introduction to our teaching style. At each seminar we discuss a specific grammar point in detail, from easy structures up to the more complicated ones. Seminars are an ideal solution if you feel that you have a particular weakness that you would like reinforced, or want to achieve mastery over a particular grammatical structure.


Our seminars are about speaking Spanish, not just listening to an instructor, and all attendees will get a lot of speaking practice. Participants will not only hear how a particular verb or grammar structure should be used, but they will have a chance to use their Spanish in the classroom too. We use plenty of games to increase both engagement and retention, and you might be surprised to find that what you learn in a seminar stays with you long term. There will be lots of repetition. and lots of chances to make mistakes, but don’t worry – both are an essential part of mastering a new language and the teacher will always be on hand to help out.


Seminars are free for students who are currently enrolled on one of our Spanish courses, $5 for former students and only $10 for members of the general public. Each seminar lasts an hour and a half, and a maximum of seven students may attend. Our seminars are held in a classroom at our offices in Farragut North. 1050 17th Street 10th floor, Washington DC 20036. Next to the Farragut North Metro Station (red line). Please note that is not on Connecticut Ave.


If you are not currently studying Spanish, a seminar is a great way for you to experience the Spanish Tutor DC teaching style firsthand. If you are currently taking Spanish lessons elsewhere, we think that you will be surprised by how quickly we can help you improve.

Do you prefer practicing outside the classroom in larger informal groups?


Spanish Tutor DC’s free MeetUp group,“El Quijote en DC,” comes together for happy hours, conversation practice at cafés and much more. Join us for one of our museum trips or Latin American cinema nights and get to know other Spanish students, speakers and tutors in the DC area. Not only will you get a chance to practice your Spanish in a ‘real world environment,’ but you’ll also have a lot of fun at the same time!


Should you prefer to follow our Meetup group activities through our website, please click here.


Whichever way you want to learn, improve or practice, Spanish Tutor DC has the right option for your needs and budget.


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