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“I have been studying Spanish with Santiago for almost a year now — I came to the lessons with little knowledge of the language. What a difference a year makes! This summer after six months of lessons I took a trip to Peru with my brother and girlfriend and I provided all the translations, became fast friends with several of the local folks in the Andes and rainforest, and felt competent everywhere I went. It was wonderful! The key to my rapid learning and to anyone quickly achieving language skills is the multiple angles of attack Santiago employs in his lessons — you will speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. Your brain quickly realizes that it’s easier to think in Spanish rather than try to translate everything. You don’t just pick up conversational skills; you truly learn the language in all respects. This effective approach, combined with a progressive environment and the supreme teaching skills of the instructor, create the best, fastest way to learn Spanish possible. Santiago is truly a master teacher. If you are trying to learn Spanish, you need to take classes with Santiago. You owe it to yourself and to your future success.”

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