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Group Spanish Classes in DC

One of the most affordable options when somebody wants to learn a second language is to enroll in Group Spanish Classes.  Spanish Tutor DC offers groups for different levels at our offices in Farragut North and in Dupont.  Our classes are on-going, conversational Spanish classes.  The instructor will utilize various techniques to engage students in actively speaking in the class.  There are no formal exams or written assessment rather the student’s production and linguistic fluency will be evaluated throughout each class.   Class time will focus on the application of grammar through speaking and listening.  Reading and written grammar exercises will be assigned to be completed at home.

Spanish Tutor DC offers groups of  2 hours per class.

Why Choose Spanish Tutor DC for Group Spanish Classes?

  • Excellent native Spanish speaker tutors.
  • A program in which classes are dynamic. The students interact and are encourage to speak from the first class (no boring, ineffective, conventional teacher at the blackboard in class).
  • Make-up classes.  If you cannot attend a class, we will offer the opportunity to complete a make-up the session on another day in another group of a similar level, schedule permitting, so you can keep practicing.

Here is how it works: if you cannot attend a session, please be sure e-mail  your tutor in advance. We will propose you other days/times for the make-up class (make-up classes will always take place in another group).  The make-up class will be similar, but may not be at the exact same level, so likely will have different exercises and homework.  The important thing is to keep practicing. Please note that when you enroll in a course, the end date doesn’t change. You can make-up a missed session within your 8 week course, or later provided you are having another 8 week course.

  •  Small group sizes, up to 7 people. After years of experience, we know for sure that the number or students per class should not be more than 7. Some schools accept even 9 or 10 students per class. Well, these students will learn something, but they will never be able to maintain a regular conversation in Spanish. These schools should warn their potential students about that.
  • Classes are held at a classroom, in a building, next to the Farragut North Metro Station. Other schools in the DC area offer classes at cafés for groups of 4 people. We do not have anything against teaching at cafés, on the contrary, we also teach at these public places. We teach on-one-one classes and groups of two at cafés. But what works until even for 3 people, clearly does not work for 4 people. Leaving aside other disadvantages (these four-group classes are ridiculously expensive, there are no make-up classes), there is no way to learn Spanish at a Starbucks in a group of 4. We know for sure because… we tried it out. Dozens of problems that you can imagine easily will show up. In short, the programs that try to convince you about learning Spanish in a group of 4 at a Starbucks, what are really saying is that they do not have a proper classroom.
  • Location. Our offices are located in downtown DC, next to the Farragut North Metro Station. The address: 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC 20036.
  • Reasonable cost. Classes for complete beginners last two hours and a half. The cost is $352 for the 8-week course $22.00 per hour.

What Other Options Spanish Tutor DC Offers for Group Classes?

  • Private groups at home.  You and your friends can also form your own group. If the group is up to 3 people, classes could be held at a café. If the group is of four or more students, the tutor would come to your home or office, or all of you would come to our office. .Please enroll or send us email to so we can offer you a quote.

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