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Spanish Classes via Internet or Phone

Online or Phone Spanish Classes

Spanish is best taught in person, but if attending class in person is not practical for you, we offer lessons via Internet or telephone. You can be located almost anywhere and still learn from our highly qualified, well-trained instructors.

Internet and telephone classes are available either for an entire course, or on an as-needed basis. (For example, you can choose an Internet or telephone class if you are not able to attend some of your normal face-to-face classes in person.)

Via Zoom

Using your computer and the free Zoom service, you can interact with your instructor or tutor online. Your computer must have a high-speed Internet connection. We offer Zoom lessons with or without visual interaction depending on your preference.

Via telephone

Learning via telephone is even easier, since you can call any time from any reasonably quiet location. Some students may prefer to use a headset to keep hands free for note taking, etc.

An Advantage of Audio-Only Learning

Using audio alone does offer one learning advantage that you don’t receive with an in-person class: you focus more intently when speaking another language without visual feedback.


$58.00 per hour.

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