For private lessons, you can choose either online or in person classes at our offices in Farragut North. Proof of vaccination and mask required.
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Our Spanish Classes

Spanish Class Options

Here is a summary of our various class options; our teaching approach; class specifics and class schedules where applicable.

Several Effective, Enjoyable Class Options

One-on-One Spanish classes in the DC Metropolitan Area

One student, one tutor. Tailored exactly to your needs.

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Friends Spanish classes in the DC Metropolitan Area

Have fun with your friends while learning Spanish!


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Company Spanish classes in the DC Metropolitan Area

Develop full command of Spanish for the professional world. Custom programs.

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Classes via Internet in the DC Metropolitan Area

We Innovate the world with our virtual internet classes.

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Classes for Children and Kids in the DC Metropolitan Area

Encourage young children to learn and enjoy Spanish.

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Find your classmate in the DC Metropolitan Area

No man is an island, we let our students socialize with other people.

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Speak and Listen in Spanish From Day One

All of our classes are taught directly in Spanish, even at the beginning level. Classes are dedicated to speaking and listening only in Spanish, without interruptions in English. (Much of your study also uses books, outside of class.)

It’s the More Effective Method

Academic studies have shown that those who study via the direct approach learn at a faster pace, and engage in the language with more flexibility and confidence. Our instructors are trained to find your comfortable balance between formal explanation and the direct approach.

A Student Said it Best

Regarding our approach to teaching Spanish, one of our students said it best in her testimonial: “I have no idea how he does it, but Juan Luis took a complete non-speaker of Spanish and got me both speaking and understanding the language without ever using English. It has been amazing.”

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