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Spanish Classes For Children And Teens In DC

One of the best ways for kids to learn a second language is to enroll them in our Spanish classes for children in DC program.  Spanish is a language spoken in many countries and the second one spoken in the United States. Also, because Spanish is a popular subject at a lot of schools, it makes sense that children and kids need help with their homework.

Where are classes held?

Our offices are located at 1050 17th Street 10th floor, suite 1000 Washington DC 20036 Next to the Farragut North Metro Station (red line). There we teach group Spanish classes for adults and one-on-one classes. We think that classes for children should be held at home. In some cases, classes for teens could be held at our offices or at a café. If the later, a parent should accompany the teen for the first class. Then, for the following classes a 14 year old kid can meet with his or her tutor at, for instance, Caribou Coffee in Silver Spring. Why would this be more convenient than meeting at home? Well, to save money. Generally speaking, we would not charge for instructor transportation costs to teach at a public place near a main Metro Station because we have teachers who live near almost all main metro stations. However, if this kid has her or his class at home at, continuing with the Silver Spring area example, a townhouse at Seminary Road, the tutor should go there by car, so the price would increase. In brief, with a variety of options and learning styles, kids that are enrolled with us will have fun and learn a new language quickly.

At what age should children start learning Spanish?

The sooner, the better.  It is becoming more popular for parents in the same neighborhood to form a group of several 2/3 year old children and call us. Our tutors will come there with plenty of good spirit and no grammar book.  They know that they will be a little bit teachers and a little bit nannies, but it is okay for them because they like working with children. In these cases, parents must be present. There will be plays, songs, dances and everybody will have a good time. When children are around 7 year old, they are ready for music, drawing and games with more structured lessons. After turning 10 or 11 years old, children start to lose their unbelievable capacity “to absorb”, yes like a sponge, a new language as if it were their native one.  So the sooner, the better.

What should be the length of a class for children?

No more than one hour. The length of a class can be increased when considering age and number of kids, and always must be enough and fun activities.  Teens can, and sometimes should, have a two hour class per week. These two-hour classes are particularly necessary for kids who need help with their homework.

As we said before, teens can have one or two-hour lessons at Coffee Shops. Teenagers that want to learn Spanish can take lessons in a library, café, coffee shop or any convenient location near home, work or school.  Not only is this option more economical but it provides the benefit of being convenient for the busy life of the typical teenager.  These days, more young adults are going to school, working and engaged in extracurricular activities and hobbies.  If a teenager need to learn Spanish for a college application, study abroad program or for general interest, or simply need help with homework meeting at a convenient location will help to fit all of his or her activities into the day.

Why Choose Spanish Tutor DC for Spanish Classes for Kids?

Our tutors are great. Children learn best when the lesson plan has been custom made for their learning style, goals, strengths and limitations.  They will get to know the student quickly and will be able to personalize the lessons so that the student learns in the best way possible for his or her goals and personality.

Our classes are fun. Tutors will teach children songs, games, and other fun activities like cooking some simple Latino dishes (if parents agree obviously). So time flies mostly “en español” because we will speak English only when strictly necessary.

Our prices are reasonable.

We will offer you to pay for just one class to be sure your kids, and you, like the tutor and the program. Then, if you and your kids are happy with the experience, you can pay for the 8-week course.

How much should you pay for your kids’ Spanish classes?

You only need to take a look on the Internet at the programs that teach Spanish for kids, to realize how expensive these kinds of classes can be. Here is the good news: you can count on Spanish Tutor DC for teaching Spanish to your kids at a reasonable cost.

Please send us an email to obtain a quote to  or enroll in Spanish classes for children in DC clicking here

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