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Why Choose Spanish Tutor DC for Corporate Spanish Classes in New York

Spanish is the second spoken language in the United States,not to mention an increase in businesses and trade between the United States and Spanish speaking countries around the world. Taking Spanish classes in New York is one of the best ways to learn Spanish from native speakers, and more important, to be able to actually talk from the beginning since the classes are focused on talking, listening and understanding.

Spanish Tutor DC teaches Spanish at the business’s location and can cater lessons plans based on a variety of factors such as the number of students enrolled and the time spent in lessons. Corporations that are interested in Spanish classes in New York can try out a free class to see if Spanish Tutor DC is right for their needs and goals. Classes can be arranged for entire corporations or just a few key employees.

There are a number of advantages to choosing Spanish Tutor DC for corporate Spanish Lessons:

In-Office Lessons

In-office learning is the ideal choice for receiving a high quality language education at the convenient location of company headquarters. This option is the most efficient, since the employeeswon’t need to leave their officesthere is a time savings factor.  The classes could be taken before the working day starts, during the lunch break or at any time that is convenient to the students.  Our teachers are flexible and students love that.  This is also a wonderful way for co-workers to get to know each other, resulting in a fantastic teambuilding experience.

Group Options / More Convenient Packages

Spanish Tutor DC provides a variety of packages for corporate Spanish lessons for anywhere from 2 students to more than 10 students. This allows saving on costs, based on how many students will be enrolled in the course.  Once said that, we strongly recommend group classes for no more for than 6/7 people.


There is no registration fee.

Prices will also vary by how long the lesson will be, whether it is 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours.  Also, Spanish Tutor DC in New York offer packages from 2 months to six months of tuition. Generally speaking, for one-on-one lessons we charge $68 per a one-hour class, and $60 per hour for a two-hour class. If two colleagues have two back to back one-on-one lessons we would charge $60 each one. The six-month package would reduce the fee to $54 per hour.  We usually suggest paying for just one class for the student to be sure he/she likes the tutor and the program.

The fee for a group of two is $74. The two-hour class would be $68 per hour. The six-month package would lower the fee to $62.

The fee for a group of three or more is $87. The two-hour class would be $80 per hour. The six-month package would cost $75 per hour.

First Class is Free for Groups

Spanish Tutor DC in New York offers a free class for corporate groups before they make an 8-week commitment, for the students tobe sure they like the tutor and the program. So far almost all students who have taken the initial class enrolled in the program.

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