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“Spanish Tutor DC is an excellent way to learn Spanish. Having studied other languages in university settings, which focused heavily on grammar, I was a bit apprehensive about taking a course that was focused mainly on conversation. I was worried that I would learn how to speak casually, but that my grammar would be slapdash or a guessing game based on intuition. However, Claudia (my instructor) did an excellent job of teaching us grammar as we progressed through the lessons. Furthermore, the conversational focus of the class really built my speaking confidence from Day 1.

My other concern about signing up with Spanish Tutor DC was that it wouldn’t be rigorous enough for me to feel a sense of progress. I was delighted, then, to receive homework assignments every week. The homework was excellent at reinforcing the grammar we had learned while building additional vocabulary outside of the classroom. We even had video homework each week, which was a great practice for my ear. Because this wasn’t a university setting, the homework was optional, but I was happy that everyone in the class consistently did their homework. This helped us progress much more quickly than if we had just come to class each week

I took classes with Spanish Tutor DC for a few semesters (I have only stopped due to personal budgetary restrictions), and each semester, our class size was intimate. Each student was fully included, and Claudia was excellent at understanding different students’ strengths and weaknesses and looking out for everyone as she taught. I was really amazed, too, at how she was able to teach entirely in Spanish from the very beginning. I came to Spanish Tutor DC without any prior knowledge of Spanish, but Claudia was superb at speaking at a comprehensible pace, using body language to help us understand what she was saying, and at choosing words that were cognates with English words so that we could understand without having to run to our dictionaries. It was invigorating to be able to sit in class and understand three hours of Spanish every week.

Lastly, having looked at several organizations online, I found their prices to be competitive.

The only downside for me was that the group classes were all taught in DC. I live about an hour away from the city, so it was a bit difficult getting downtown after work every week. This isn’t a complaint–it is Spanish Tutor DC after all–but even an extension into Arlington would make a huge difference to commuters from NoVa. In any event, each and every class was worth the trip. Claudia was always extremely enthusiastic about our lesson, and while I was taking them, my classes were the highlight of my week.”

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