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β€œI started as a beginning Spanish student about eight months ago and am now able to converse, read and write in Spanish far beyond where I thought I would be by now. Mr. Montero uses a Spanish-only format from the beginning class, which is the best way to learn any language. He comes to our office for our convenience and teaches several groups at various levels. He has worked hard to constantly reorganize our small groups, as time goes on, so that no one who was progressing slowly because of work commitments felt rushed, and so that anyone who was able to progress more quickly would be able to move forward. He also tailors each lesson to the needs of the small group he is with. This adaptability and creativity has kept a large group of busy and distracted lawyers happily chugging along in the enjoyable study of Spanish at whatever level they can commit to at any moment for several months now. His selection of texts and homework assignments is effective without creating busywork that might put pressure on busy schedules. His professionalism and engaging personality are a winning combination; he is very popular with all of us at our office who have been taking the classes. I am a working mother and the one hour a week I spend in class is my only and most precious β€œMe” time.”

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