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“I have been taking classes at Spanish Tutor DC since last spring and couldn’t be happier. My class ranges from 3-6 people (depending on the week) which is the perfect size for getting to know one another and keeping a conversation going in Spanish. Some of my classmates are taking the class for work but most of us just want to learn Spanish for our own sakes. I have learned more Spanish in the last 9 months than I learned in 5 years of Spanish classes in junior/ senior high school and plan to continue taking courses here indefinitely. Classes are purchased in groups of 8 – and if you can’t make a class at your designated time, you can just go to another class instead. Since they have classes at many different levels, you can hop in and start taking classes at any time rather than having to wait for a new session to start (which is why I chose Spanish Tutor DC in the first place). It’s all a very easy, hassle-free and fun way to learn Spanish.”

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