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“Santiago Montero is the thinking person’s Spanish teacher. After more than five years of studying the Spanish language at a variety of private language schools, universities, and immersion opportunities, I find that Santiago offers a level of instruction which surpasses anything which I experienced in the past. He not only challenged me to improve my grasp of basic principles of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary but has added a cultural context ranging from literature, to history, to current events and popular culture. During the very first lesson Santiago assesses the student’s level of ability, both strengths and weaknesses, and directs subsequent lessons to improve areas of weakness without mindless repetition of concepts that the student has already mastered. I look forward to my Spanish lessons with Santiago as I look forward to meeting with a good friend. I am a professional administrator of foreign language instruction and recommend Santiago Montero to anyone seriously wishing to study the Spanish language.”

Spanish Tutor and Spanish Lessons in Washington DC