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Monika Ramanauskaite

I fell in love with Salsa & Batchata. However, I knew no word in Spanish. I found Spanish Tutor D.C. on line and decided to try – they had a wide variety of the schedule and the cost was very reasonable. Furthermore, I found out that it is more than a class – we had a great time with truly wonderful people and experienced different methods of teaching. I used to look forward to my Spanish Tutor D.C. evenings! Besides, the management was very understandable of my request to return the tuition for the remaining classes when I had to leave the program in the middle of the course, just because I had to change the location and leave the country. I was very impressed by their support and efficient reaction to my situation. I would highly recommend Spanish Tutor D.C. to anyone who is in need or simply interested in Spanish. You will get the results while having some fun!

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