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Jana Garman

I have always loved the Spanish language and I wanted to become conversational in it, but never committed. I finally searched online for community college courses, and came across Spanish Tutor DC. The price was far better than any other option and seemed more conversational. I signed up for a course as a beginner (I had limited Spanish in high school and college) and I'm still taking courses over a year later. My classes have been small enough to get individualized attention, but with enough students that we can have spontaneous and interesting conversation. The class is held in a room with one table where we sit and talk, rather than having an instructor at the front of a room. I've met a lot of fun and interesting people from all over the world. And, of course, my Spanish has improved immensely. There is homework each week (grammar exercises, writing tasks, and articles to read) that often drive our conversation, but it is low stress and if you miss a class you can make it up. I can't imagine a better (or more engaging) format for becoming conversational in Spanish.

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“I have been studying Spanish with SpanishTutor DC for 3-1/2 years and have no plans to stop. I had only very limited prior exposure to Spanish. The tutors/teachers are native speakers who also have excellent command of English. During my 3+years, I have been tutored principally by three different teachers from Peru, Cuba and Spain. I visited Spain in 2012 and 2013 and, due to my studies with Spanish Tutor, I was able to understand and even speak with locals. My tutors have focused on speaking because, at least for me, this is much more difficult than reading, writing or listening. Based on input from native Spanish speakers in Spain as well as in the USA , I know that Spanish Tutor DC is teaching me the Spanish equivalent of the “King’s English”, that is, they focus on proper grammar, pronunciation and real world vocabulary. I highly recommend this organization.”


“I have been delighted to take classes with SpanishTutorDC for the past three years. From beginner to advanced, basic vocabulary to the subjunctive tense, each professor has been there for me with creative lessons, support and flexibility. The SpanishTutor DC program allows you to easily make up missed classes and I have gotten to know my teachers as people and friends who truly want me to grow in language ability and understand the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. They create a comfortable environment for learning and speaking. Here in DC, I feel it’s the best value in Spanish lessons and classes.”

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“It should be noted that I am a retired engineer who does not learn languages well. But, I wanted to learn Spanish for travel and practical purposes. I found Santiago on the Internet and with some trepidation we started our Spanish lessons. I had some Spanish, but essentially, I was a beginning student. Santiago’s approach to teaching Spanish was relaxed and, for me, an effective mix of grammar and conversation. The lessons were always enjoyable and comfortable. I feel that I advanced very well with Santiago’s teaching.”


“I have been studying Spanish with Santiago for almost a year now — I came to the lessons with little knowledge of the language. What a difference a year makes! This summer after six months of lessons I took a trip to Peru with my brother and girlfriend and I provided all the translations, became fast friends with several of the local folks in the Andes and rainforest, and felt competent everywhere I went. It was wonderful! The key to my rapid learning and to anyone quickly achieving language skills is the multiple angles of attack Santiago employs in his lessons — you will speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. Your brain quickly realizes that it’s easier to think in Spanish rather than try to translate everything. You don’t just pick up conversational skills; you truly learn the language in all respects. This effective approach, combined with a progressive environment and the supreme teaching skills of the instructor, create the best, fastest way to learn Spanish possible. Santiago is truly a master teacher. If you are trying to learn Spanish, you need to take classes with Santiago. You owe it to yourself and to your future success.”

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