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Podcast En Spanish publishes several podcasts every month, all for free. The first podcast of each month has a complete workbook or podcast guide. These guides are free for our students in the Washington DC area and for our online students everywhere. Everyone else can buy detached podcast guides at this store. You will notice that there are some jumps in the numeration of each podcast, e.g. from PES Intermediate 002 to 005. That’s because we only sell single podcast guides which are really complete workbooks. The podcast guides not included here have the transcription and sometimes a few vocabulary exercises. If you want to have all podcast guides you also have the option to subscribe. The workbooks are totally in Spanish. We teach Spanish in Spanish. You can have 2 podcast guides for free to be sure you like them. You will notice that these podcast guides are different from traditional books. The grammar explanations have been written by Santiago Montero, someone who knows the mistakes, the doubts and the problems students have in the classroom. He also knows how to teach to confront and solve the difficulties students will find. The podcast guides offer all his knowledge. You can buy a detached guide trough your PayPal account or with your debit or credit card. If you choose the latter, please note that you don´t need to have a PayPal account. Just follow the directions. Finally, if you are not satisfied with your purchase you will have 30 days to ask for your whole money back. Just send us an email to No questions asked!


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