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What Is the Podcast Guide?

What is the podcast guide? It is a learning guide and a workbook that accompanies each Upper Beginner and Intermediate podcast. Advanced podcasts will have the transcription plus some notes about vocabulary and idioms.  Please note that Intermediate guides are not easy. In fact, they are for intermediate and for advanced students.  

What does it look like? Each guide contains a complete transcription of the podcast, and exercises related to the audio. You will find here grammar explanations, vocabulary exercises, idioms, cultural notes, and lots of exercises to practice different structures.

Can I see an example of the content? Yes. Here is the index of the PES Upper Beginner 001 guide – The pronunciation of the letters c and z in Latin America and in Spain

  1. Transcripción del podcast PES Upper Beginner 001
    1. Bienvenida
    2. Diálogo
    3. Comentarios sobre el diálogo
    4. Un poco de gramática
  2. Preguntas de comprensión auditiva o lectora
  3. El verbo tocar. Cuatro acepciones o significados
  4. Vocabulario y expresiones idiomáticas
  5. Verbos como tocar y gustar: encantar, doler, etc.
  6. Las letras c (ce), z (zeta)  y s (ese)
  7. Sabor local. Ir de copas en … España
  8. Respuestas

Are these podcast guides entirely in Spanish? Yes.

Can I see an actual and complete learning guide?  Actually, you can receive two free podcast guides.

How much do they cost? The guides are free for our classroom and online students. For others, there are two subscription levels available. The regular level gives you access to all future guides as long you are a subscriber. You will also get the last two guides published. It costs only $5 per month. This is a special fee. We will increase this price for new subscriptions at some point. However, you can lock in the $5 fee if you subscribe now.

The premium subscription includes the regular subscription, plus all the guides that have been published from the first guide to the current one. It costs $100 the first month of the subscription and 5$ for each following month. This is also a special fee. We will increase this price soon. However, you can lock in this fee if you subscribe now.

How many guides will I get per month? The same as with podcasts. We will publish an Upper Beginner Guide the 1st day of one given month. Then the following month we will launch an Intermediate podcast with its guide.  The 3rd month, an Upper Beginner podcast with its guide, and so on. Besides, we will publish at least 2 Advanced podcasts each month with theirs transcriptions and brief comments. At some point we will increase the frequency–and the price, except for subscribers who have locked in the $5 fee-.

How many guides have been published so far? As many podcast (audios) we have published so far, so please take a look at the main Podcast En Spanish page.

Do you want more free guides? If a subscriber becomes a Spanish Tutor DC student–online or in a classroom–he or she will have immediate and free access to all past and future guides, as long as he or she remains enrolled.

How can I subscribe? Click to subscribe to the learning guides

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